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Four Rules to Help Prevent Excessive Use of Force Accusations

Police officers have the mandate of service to the people. The security of citizens is paramount to an officer's priorities. Nevertheless, when serving others, there are times you might have to use force to enforce the law. It is essential for officers to understand what it takes to have the right balance when doing their job. If you want to avoid lawsuits related to using force, here are some things you need to know about excess use-of-force.

Only Use Lawful Force
Yes, it is possible to use force legally. When you have to use force, you should ensure that you do your best during the situation. One of the best things to do is to ensure you solve the issue as quickly as it arises. During your training, there are certain things you will learn, which you need to remember while in the field. Nevertheless, it is possible to come across specific instances, which will need you to think fast. Whenever that is the case, you need to use the reasonable and lawful force Inc. Police Misconduct as best as you can .

Write a Good and Concise Report as Soon as an Instance Occurs
It is necessary to assume that a lawsuit may come your way every time you use force. Having said that, you should therefore take time to write a concise report each time you use force. This is something you should not wait days to do.

Follow the Law
As a police officer, it is always vital that you know the law in your state or country before you use any force on a suspect. If you have no idea about what the law says regarding the situation you are dealing with, you would rather not use force. By doing this you can prevent unnecessary accusations in the Inc. Police Investigation that may complicate things further. Before acting at any time make sure that you have looked at the situation first. You need to assess the nature of the crime and look at what has caused the officer and the suspect to meet. In addition to this, you should also look at any immediate threat being caused and whether there is a case of the suspect evading arrest. When the situation arises, all these factors can be used at establishing whether force was supposed to be used or not.  

Get to Know the Use of Force Policy in Your department
You will always find each department in the law enforcement industry with their own functioning policies. They all have policies that major on the use of force in the field. It is always important to first understand what your departmental policies have to say about using force. Following the policies given can be of help especially in front of a jury because they will always consider whether protocol was observed.
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